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    "We are 70% self-funded at our centers. We train people to work their way to success, and they then become willing to give back to the program through volunteerism, program fees when they begin working, mentoring--blessing God’s ministry with their time, talent, and treasure."
    - Harold Brown, CEO
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  • Family Restoration Program

    ECTLC Family Restoration Program is a one-year Christ-centered discipleship training program. The goal is to mend broken families and restore familial relationships which have been damaged by poor life-style choices.
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  • Women's Discipleship Program

    The Women’s Discipleship Training Program offers women the opportunity to turn their shattered lives around through the teachings of Jesus Christ.
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  • Men's Discipleship Program

    The ECTLC Men’s Discipleship Program is a one year Christ-centered program that will guide homeless men to find new hope and a new life in Christ, free from homelessness and addiction.
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  • Transitional Living Program

    We are able to house these individuals and families for up to 28 days at a time, enabling them to save their money and find affordable, long-term housing. .
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  • Emergency Housing Program

    The goal of this program is to place participants into long-term programs which will move them from homelessness to productive members of our community. .
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  • 2 Family Restoration Program
  • 3 Women's Discipleship Program
  • 4 Men's Discipleship Program
  • 5 Transitional Living Program
  • 6 Emergency Housing Program

ECTLC is a 501(c)(3) corporation with the specific purpose of leading men, women, and families to a saving faith in Christ. This includes, but not exclusively, those who are homeless, nearly homeless, and affected by drugs, alcohol, and other issues. ECTLC provides transitional housing, biblical training, emergency housing, job skills development, opportunities to earn a GED, case management and linkage to other resources which provide a hand up to individuals and families, enabling them to become productive members of our community. ECTLC provides this hand up approach to individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their lives, leave behind negative relationships, criminal behavior, substance abuse and other choices which have led to chronic homelessness, broken lives and broken families.

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