Help Us Help Them

Drug addiction and hopelessness are not something a small child should endure but every day, more and more children are falling victim to the ravages of this nationwide epidemic. The stories and the things they have witnessed that they have locked away in their little minds is heartbreaking.  We need to make sure that we do everything with our means to help these children escape this nightmare.

A child’s school, friends and ,community, and his family  are essential elements in the development of a healthy child. It is for this very reason that we approach our mission to serve these precious ones from all of these directions, helping to address any and all deficiencies that might hinder a child’s chance at  success.

Your $800 Donation will provide Shelter, Food, Clothing, and Case Management  for one month to a needy mother and her children

donate-imagesOur Family Restoration Program gives parents  the essential tools needed to build  a solid family life filled with love, meaning, and purpose. Many of those tools come from the rich heritage of our basic Christian traditions and values, celebrations and holidays which bring the family together and open them to the spiritual beauty of life. Endless studies have proven that the combination of regular family dining, attendance at regular religious services together and the development of  strong family traditions contribute to more stable and happier children. For nearly a decade, ECTLC has seen families blossom and flourish with this simple formula.