Help Us Defeat Hopelessness

Hopelessness is the end result of not knowing what to do next so we choose to do whatever we believe helps at the moment. It is almost impossible to get out of this endless cycle of survival without some assistance.

While most San Diegans sleep peacefully, many homeless and/or battered women with their children are fearfully looking for a safe place to get some temporary rest. Without ECTLC, many of these families would be alone on the streets

In response to this increasing need, we opened the ECTLC Transitional and Emergency Shelter Programs in 2009.

This emergency shelter for women and children (under the age of 17) provides a secure place to sleep, as well as hot meals, clothing, hygiene products, and access to a temeporarry living environment while our staff of and volunteer case management staff assist them in acquiring a more permanent solution..

Your $225 Donation will provide Shelter, Food, Clothing, and Case Management  for one week to a needy mother and her children

donate-imagesOur staff then works with each woman to learn about their specific situation, helping them to determine the best course of action for life improvement. Oftentimes this includes entry into our long-term recovery Women and Children’s Family Restoration Program (FRP).

Regardless of the final outcome, the women and children we serve receive more than a safe night’s sleep.

They get to experience healing, love, and HOPE!

*All women and children coming to the emergency shelter for help are provided services without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

*ECTLC does have a waiting list and all potential participants must complete a forma screening process before consideration. Clients and other service providers are encouraged to call before coming in to check on the availability of space.


Crystal Scott

Family Services Director
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