Who Really Suffers the Most?

The children of hopeless and addicted parents do not understand what devastating affects it is having on their lives. But it doesn’t take long to see that they suffer far more than we realize. Some rebel outwardly, many withdraw and feel totally alienated because they lack the basic essentials for normal child development. While they cannot be held responsible for the lack of their parent’s “parenting skills”, or the choices that their parents have made, nonetheless they are forced to share the consequences.

Addicts themselves need intervention and help for successful recovery, and if they agree to it, a Spiritual Rebirthing can be a way for the rest of the family to start healing. The pursuit of this transformation by the addicted parents can benefit everyone in the family, in particular the innocent children who have involuntarily been thrust into this nightmare.

Children develop emotional problems which are associated with parental addiction, and obtaining professional help has proven to be essential in stopping the family’s cycle of addiction. Family counseling and therapy for all impacted family members can be instrumental in complete healing for the entire family

The Trained Staff at ECTLC help the children of addicts cope with daily stress, and lessen the risk of abusing substances themselves in the future. The ECTLC group programs aid the children in these terrible situations to reduce personal guilt, embarrassment, shame and feelings of isolation that so often accompany having an addicted parent. In the supportive setting the trained staff provides they can share experiences, and discover the critical lesson that they are not alone in this struggle.

The children of drug addicts need stable adults in their life on whom they can rely, as well as the support of a social network. This level of care encourages healthier self-esteem, a trait that is seriously lacking in children whose parents are primarily focused on drugs and alcohol. With this improved self-esteem children are better equipped to establish healthy relationships, express their emotions and build a life outside of troubled homes. Caring for these children tackles the root problem of addiction and helps break this often repetitive cycle.

Your $800 Donation will provide Shelter, Food, Clothing, and Case Management for one month to a needy mother and her children

donate-imagesOur Family Restoration Program provides parents with the essential tools needed to build a solid family life filled with love, meaning and purpose. Many of those tools come from the rich heritage of our basic Christian traditions and values, celebrations and holidays which bring the family together and open them to the spiritual beauty of life. Endless studies have proven that the combination of regular family dining, attendance at regular religious services together and the development of strong family traditions contribute to more stable and happier children. For nearly a decade ECTLC has seen families blossom and flourish with this simple formula.