Family Restoration Success

Mr. & Mrs. Chestin Hauer

Miracle Restoration

This is truly one of those success stories that everyone loves to read about or hear.

For more than a decade, Chestin and Joy and their respective families had to endure the hardships that accompany alcohol abuse. When Chestin’s employer gave him the ultimatum of either seeking help for his addiction or lose his job, his sister hoped that ECTLC might be that source of help that he needed and Chestin surrendered. Upon entering the One Year Men’s Discipleship Training, Chestin’s hope of redemption and family restoration began.

The years of mental abuse brought on my Chestin’s alcohol abuse had taken it’s toll on both his family and the family of the mother of his child as well. Joy was also given the choice of ending the 14 year relationship that resulted in the birth of a son or hang on to the hope that indeed, Christ Jesus could and would change Chestin into the man who could be the husband to her and the father that their son needed.

Joy was able to take advantage of the case management and counseling that ECTLC provides for those who enter their 28 day Emergency Shelter Program and subsequently enrolled in the ECTLC Family Restoration Project that continued to provide ongoing case management and counseling to her and her son, Samuel (5).

Both Chestin and Joy completed their respective programs, found suitable employment, and on October 8, 2016 Chestin and Joy united in Holy matrimony, vowing to honor their mothers and fathers by becoming Godly parents to their child.


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