A New Hope for My CHild

In Her Own Words

Keeping My Child Safe

I was a single working mother when I caught my new born son Dean’s care taker man-handling him and endangering his life. Needless to say, I found someone new. It wasn’t long afterward that I caught his new caretaker neglecting him as well.  With a heavy heart and my son’s safety being my number one focus, I quit my job. Even though I had no real back up plan as to how I would support him, I really didn’t care at the moment. I just wanted my little baby boy safe! That was the end of 2011.


By 2013 we were classified homeless and now my 2yr old was suffering the consequences of the horrible effects of what those care takers had done to him and the stresses of homelessness. I struggled to find help for him but because of his age I found myself in some ugly loop hole with the government and healthcare. He so desperately needed help beyond what I could do for him. I felt lost and was filled with despair. I couldn’t get the help I needed for my son, and we had no place to go. Dean had been asked to leave two preschools due to his aggressive and emotional outbursts.


Then it happened, the phone call, January 2014 I entered ECTLC; praise God. I was able to focus on God first then tend to Dean’s needs and even take care of my very own neglected wellness. Dean’s first psychiatric medication evaluation, a year later, was successful. He was now able to get the help that he would need. He is the youngest with such a severe case that they have ever seen. Today we both continue seeking coping skills: for him to handle himself and for me to handle him. Though, the fight for his healthcare is not over; at least I am not alone in facing my difficulties. I have been able to put more effort into my own care for mental wellness and my physical disabilities.

Testimony submitted my Monica Labbs-in her own words

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