Spring Training

40 day Fund Raising Marathon

Spring Training

The Annual Major League Baseball Spring Training in the Phoenix area is one of ECTLC’s most profitable fund raising events and we so appreciate you partnering with us to make it more successful than ever. 

Only Two Weeks left to participate in this FUND RAISING EVENT

We are more than half way through the annual Baseball Spring Training event where for a grueling 40 days managers review the players of 30 Major League Baseball teams and determine the final roster based on their performance.   During this 40 day fund raising event, our disciples will manage the concession stands for 35 separate events as part of their work therapy training. They will fill every position from warehousing, inventory control, and merchandising to food preparation, customer service, and stand management


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The preparation and facilitation of this yearly endeavor is both a logistical and financial challenge.  ECTLC’s management team is responsible for the successfully organizing travel, housing, meals , and ensuring that 40+ disciple’s work attire is laundered daily.  This undertaking is a monumental task that would have the most seasoned event coordinators scrambling and scratching their heads.  In addition to these basic requirements there is also the need for uniforms, fuel, vehicle maintenance, and overall financial efficiency to insure maximum profitability.