Look What Happened....

with your faithful support

Because You Cared

This is What Happened in Feb

When you partner with ECTLC, the impact on lives is “priceless” but here is a brief summary of what your support helped to accomplish.

  • There are now 47 families comprised of 57 adults and 73 children that have made a commitment to the Family Restoration Ministries training.
  • 16 families comprised of 19 adults and 30 children were case managed in out 28 day transitional living program
  • 54 single men and women enrolled in the Discipleship Training Ministry
  • Currently there are 7 individuals enrolled in the GED classes.
  • 40 Volunteers for the Annual Baseball Spring Training Concessions in Phoenix got new shoes and uniforms to complete their task

ECTLC does not directly receive any federal funding. Although we are able to generate approximately 75% of our budget through our work therapy projects, private grants, and transitional living fees, your ongoing support provides the remaining 25% of the funding needed to minister to the hundreds of families and individuals that come seeking help.