Adrianna's Story

Family Restoration

Adriana’s Story of Hope.

Our annual GED Graduation Ceremony is always emotional and inspiring, as graduates share their moving testimonies about transitioning from hopelessness and despair to a life of promise and hope.  Guests were touched by powerful stories of determination and perseverance, but this year a young mother of three children stood out, giving a heartwarming acceptance speech, detailing her story of salvation and redemption.

Adriana, a beautiful woman—inside and out—spoke from her heart. Her words were hopeful and poignant.

“WOW! I can’t believe I’m standing here in front of you all during a graduation that I am part of! This is an accomplishment I never thought would ever be possible for me,” said Adriana.

As the guests listened to the story of her life, it was hard to imagine that a mere five months ago, this composed, poised young lady was helplessly lost, barely surviving each day on the cruel streets of “America’s Finest City.” Aimlessly drifting from one run-down hotel room to another, Adriana was suffering from the consequences of repeatedly making wrong choices. Overcome by the power of addiction, she made the heart-wrenching decision to give up her children to family members who could raise them in a safe and stable environment that she could not provide.

Tearfully, she confessed to her graduating class, “I was completely broken with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. With my children gone, I had nothing left, and had even lost all my personal belongings which included my driver’s license, social security card, and other important documents! Cold, alone, and hungry; my personal belongings consisted of just a single bag with some small items essential for basic survival.”

Adriana, heard ECTLC offered emergency shelter, case management and would provide aid in recovering her essential legal documents.But her main goal was to be reunited with her children.

During the initial 28-day emergency shelter period, she began to realize there was a future for her and her children—if she was willing to “make the right choices through Christ.”

Adriana, tears running down her cheeks, expressed her heartfelt thanks by saying, “Just a couple of weeks into my new life, I was introduced to one of the most lovely human beings I have ever met. I don’t know where I would be without her.  She has been not only my teacher and counselor but my friend and prayer warrior. With all my heart, I want to thank you, Ms. Georginne.”

She continued, “In the past five months, I have been reunited with my children, recovered my driver’s license, social security card, earned my High School Equivalency Certificate, obtained gainful employment, even gotten my first promotion. And for the first time in my life I now know that what the Bible says is true. I am who it says I am, I can do what it says I can do, and I can have what is says. I can have: a new life in Christ! I now have hopes of continuing my education, so that one day I might help the severely disabled with their life skills.”

The room erupted with thunderous applause. Thank you for your faithful support. Without you, others like Adriana in our community will not have the opportunity to become another ECTLC miracle!


2017 GED Granduations: Adriana M from ECTLC on Vimeo.

2017 GED Graduations: Harold Brown from ECTLC on Vimeo.