Medical Appointment Van

Grossmont Healthcare District Grant

New Van Thanks to Grossmont Healthcare District

In June of this year ECTLC applied to Grossmont Healthcare District for a grant in the amount of
$ 20,000 that would provide funds for transportation to and from medical and dental
appointments for the residents of our programs.
ECTLC transports approximately 250 people to medical/dental appointments as well as
emergency/hospital trips, and prescription pickups and therapy visits every month, an average
of over 3,000 miles monthly. This service is critical to our members and their families because
most do not have vehicles or funds for fuel and we have a limited number of bus passes
available. Our transportation prior to the grant was an older vehicle that had been donated
several years ago and was becoming increasingly less dependable and more expensive to
ECTLC believes the regular care with a doctor and dentist is significant to our program’s goal of
assisting people into a “normal” lifestyle. Many of our clients have cared for the medical and
dental needs only on an emergency basis which is actually not quality health care and very
expensive to the system. We hope to help cut back the emergency room visits and the
physical results of not seeking care to both them and their children.
We are happy to report that the grant was approved and we now have a beautiful dependable
van that can accommodate up to 7 people per trip. As an additional blessing, not only were we
were able to find the perfect van at a great price , a 2014 Kia Sedona that proudly displays the
Grossmont Healthcare District Logo, but we were awarded the grant from the Subaru Share the
Love program!!!
We are grateful to the Grossmont Healthcare District, the Subaru of El Cajon, and Subaru Share
the Love program for all their efforts on our behalf.

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