Our Story

Who We Are.

Video About Our Story

The history of ECLTC and the men and women who dedicated their lives to serving to establish and grow the organization will be subject of an upcoming book that will be available in the coming future. But for now, this short video is a brief compilation of testimonies and remarks from a few of those 1000’s who have been helped by this amazing ministry of Compassion & Hope.

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Discipleship Programs

The ECTLC Men’s/Women’s Discipleship Program is a one-year Christ-centered program that will guide homeless men/women to find new hope and a new life in Christ, free from homelessness
and addiction.

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Family Restoration Program

ECTLC offers a Christ-centered, minimum one-year program to restore families to wholeness, to help moms, dads, & children heal. School-aged children are immediately registered for school. Parents attend Bible studies, scripture-based parenting classes, anger management and Bible-based drug & alcohol recovery meetings.  

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Transitional Housing

For a nominal program fee, a family can reside in a 200-sq-ft room with beds, bathroom, refrigerator, & TV, all utilities paid, with opportunities to eat breakfast, lunch, & dinner at scheduled meal times. In this way, they are able to bank enough money for deposits, first & last months’ rent, and all the other things that come with moving into a new place.

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To provide hope and a hand-up to homeless and other individuals/families, who are ready to take responsibility for their lives, by assisting them into independent, self sustained living through case managed transitional programs provided by ECTLC, with the specific purpose of leading men and women, and families to a saving faith in Christ.

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Meet The Team

Senior Staff

ECTLC is unique. Nearly everyone on our staff, paid and volunteer, has come through one of our programs. There’s more than 70 years of ministry experience.

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Support Staff

Likewise, everyone on our support staff has come through one of our programs. There’s more than 100 years of ministry experience,6 ordained pastors, and a dedication to serving the Lord 24/7.

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Board of Directors

We are honored to have such a diverse and dedicated group of men and women who are among East County San Diego’s finest business minds who are dedicated to providing the leadership that ECTLC needs and deserves.

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