Brandi fled to the streets after being subjected to domestic violence. She was alone and frightened, with two small girls age 3 and 1. Someone told her that ECTLC would be able to help her. And they were right. Brandi checked into ECTLC and immediately participated in their programs, including the on-site GED preparation program. She received her diploma.  She utilized the on-site resource center, prepared a resume, attended mock job interviews, and secured employment. When her employer transferred her to another store location, Brandi discovered that her new Supervisor was also a graduate of ECTLC. Brandi and her two daughters have moved into their own apartment. They are a shining example of how lives are being transformed at ECTLC.



Your $800 Donation will provide Shelter, Food, Clothing, and Case Management  for for more young mothers with children like Brandi

donate-imagesOur Family Restoration Program gives parents  the essential tools needed to build  a solid family life filled with love, meaning, and purpose. Many of those tools come from the rich heritage of our basic Christian traditions and values, celebrations and holidays which bring the family together and open them to the spiritual beauty of life. Endless studies have proven that the combination of regular family dining, attendance at regular religious services together and the development of  strong family traditions contribute to more stable and happier children. For nearly a decade, ECTLC has seen families blossom and flourish with this simple Christ Centered Program