Family Restoration Ministry

Our sincere desire is that the saving power of Jesus Christ will heal a family.

This powerful ministry is a one-year, Christ-centered discipleship training ministry. The goal is to mend broken families and restore family relationships often damaged by poor lifestyle choices. Single and two-parent families escape from the untenable and horrible conditions experienced living on the streets. They join the welcoming community at ECTLC. Housed in safe, clean rooms, they enjoy a respite from an unsettled and dangerous lifestyle. 

At intake, each family meets with a skilled case manager. Together, they work to develop an individualized plan of success. School-aged children are immediately enrolled in school and benefit from our solid, long-time relationships with local school districts. Families have access to various services, including healthcare, marriage and family counseling, and educational opportunities for children and adults. Family Restoration is a one-year program, but the length may vary depending on the individual family's needs. 

After completing the program and with our assistance and support, families transition to independent living in our communities. Once lost and hopeless, these families transform into family units, united in love, dignity, and hope.

It is always rewarding and a great joy to see these miraculous transformations.

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She feels safe and secure, coming back to her community. She is grateful to the program that helped her establish a new life for her and her son.


Watch this video about our Family Restoration Program!