East County Transitional Living Center has been on the front line of serving the East County of San Diego for several years now. We have been blessed through the services and resources of many individuals and organizations. Without such support from individual donors, churches and organizations, the life changing experience we offer would not be possible. Thank you.


Where does the support go?


Staff: We operate around the clock, 24/7 year round. The need for the volunteers and staff is enormous, and because our finances are limited, the most we can offer our volunteers is housing and meals.

Transportation: The need to take people to medical and legal appointments, work experience training and other necessities is in no way diminished as gas prices and vehicle maintenance costs increase.


Housing: Because we operate out of several locations, the expenses for each differ, yet are much like that of your own housing expenses—we pay a mortgage, utilities and maintenance, but for a few hundred people.

Food: We offer three meals a day, two meals on Sunday, to the hundreds of people in our program. The meals are prepared in our kitchen, with all the expense of preparation and equipment maintenance that follows.

If you wish to support us financially, you can make your much needed donation HERE.

In an effort to practice good stewardship of the support we are blessed with, we offer the links below to our Tax


Filings and Audit information. Disclosure of this will hopefully bring you an understanding of the tremendous need, and satisfy you that our use of your future support will be efficient and fruitful.