CEO Letter Winter 2020


This time of year is always busy for ECTLC and this year is no different albeit everything is happening in a new and sometimes strange way.  COVID restrictions and fears are affecting the way we are celebrating the holidays but they are not having an effect on the meaning.  We are still serving our program members a wonderful, traditional holiday meal but we are not able to invite families and friends, a first for ECTLC.

We will still celebrate the Christmas season but again there will be differences.  The children will still be presented with toys and gifts and we will do our best to make sure they know the “reason for the season” as they learn about the birth of Jesus.

Despite the issues our wonderful country have faced, and which have affected us personally this year, we have been blessed in many ways.  We have learned a great deal of respect for our teachers, that we can eat at home, toilet paper IS gold, and that we value our Church, Pastors and church family far more than we expected.  We also know now that these blessings are not to be taken for granted.

We look forward to a New Year and all the possibilities that may hold. In this time of change and challenge we will find what is truly important in our lives.  We have a learning manual, the Bible, and maybe this year we will open our hearts and minds to the Word that was given to us by our Savior, who loves us so much.

Happy Holidays!!!

ECTLC has just experienced a significant milestone for our ministry. Our friend, co-worker, Pastor, and Chef Robert Webb has passed on, he has left a wife, Jackie, who loved him dearly. His children, friends, and associates will long remember the love that Robert had for his God, his family, his Church family and those he came in contact with especially those in need of a sandwich.

There are so many stories about Robert.  Some are happy, some sad, and some that are just fun to tell.  We said our final goodbye on Saturday, November 28.  The service is on the ECTLC Facebook page recorded live.  As Christians we know that Robert is cooking up a storm on a golden stovetop preparing a meal for the God he has served and loved but we that loved him here will miss him terribly.  Robert loved his ministry as a Chef and he trained hundreds of men and women who are now working in many of the restaurants around San Diego.