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Numbers tell the story! Every day, we house, provide three opportunities to eat, and clothe over 450 homeless men, women, and children!

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Harold Brown

President & CEO

As the President and CEO of East County Transitional Living Center (ECTLC), located in El Cajon, California, thanks for taking the time to learn more about ECTLC and our mission to transform the lives of homeless men and women. ECTLC is a community—not just a shelter, and we witness miracles every day.

Numbers tell the story! Every day, we house, provide three opportunities to eat, and clothe over 450 homeless men, women, and children!

Our business model is unique. Through "Work Therapy" agreements, ECTLC program fees, and employment, ECTLC program members provide 85% of the revenue to cover our operating expenses. Generous donors help fund the 15% deficit in our yearly budget.

We have an exciting expansion plan—Building Hope for the Homeless—to share with you. Soon we will add two new buildings, financed with private funds. The two dormitories will house over 100 homeless men and women, allowing us to open up 40 more rooms for homeless families with kids. The number of children will increase from 180 to 250!

Currently, these families are on a waiting list while they live on the streets, frightened and full of despair. But, soon, they will join the safe and welcoming ECTLC community and embark on paths to transforming their lives.

The building schedule is one-of-a-kind. Phase One was the Trench-to-Pour in 24! Contractors and construction workers started the underground work on a Friday and continued on Saturday, ending when they poured the foundations. 

The Trench-to-Pour in 24! was built at no cost to ECTLC.

Phase Two, the Ultimate Building Challenge, was a roaring success! Originally scheduled to take 12 hours, workers completed the exteriors of the two 3000 square foot buildings—drywall ready—in a remarkable SIX hours!

Contractors and construction workers from nine different trades started the day with a prayer. Then, divided into Team Red and Team Yellow, they raced to their buildings, united in a mission to help 40 homeless families with children. America at its best!

The construction crews from the various trades, over 200 workers, included 85 framers, 18 electricians, 18 plumbers, and 22 ECTLC program members. In addition, 11 program members provided meals and beverages throughout the day. The crews worked side-by-side as they achieved incredible success. What is so moving is that everyone working that day was grateful for the opportunity to participate and help their homeless brothers and sisters.

Thanks to generous donors, large and small, charitable foundations, organizations, businesses, local builders, and many construction workers donating their time, the entire project is financed with private funds—NO GOVERNMENT FUNDS. The two dormitories will be ready for move-in soon.

Thanks again for your time.

I hope you will join us in our mission to build hope for the homeless.

With much gratitude and blessings,

Harold Brown, President & CEO