Help from the Community means
Help for those in need.

The Plan

To free up space in single rooms,
two dormitories were needed.

By constructing two 3000 square foot dormitories for our single Men's and Women's programs, we open up individual rooms to get 40 more families off the streets. That's as many as 70 more otherwise homeless kids along with at least one parent being clothed, fed and housed without the use of government funds,


It takes community support, and commitment to service to people seeking help.


The plan was made, people worked hard. Donations of Time, Treasure and Talent made it possible.

So things were set in motion with our Trench to Pour event, where many community leaders lent their voices and support to the cause of giving Hope to the Homeless.


The Yellow Team vs. The Orange Team:
Volunteers working to make futures for families.

Competitive Construction:
Two teams of contractors went head to head erecting the structures in less than 7 hours.


Business, Government and Charity working together to create long term solutions to community problems.

A short video about the construction of the two new buildings, and the generosity and dedication of the people who made this happen.