Our History

The Miracle Begins

ECTLC is a community—not just a shelter. The story began over 19 years ago when a group of civic-minded business leaders and a small church joined together to help the homeless in El Cajon, California. Since 2009, East County Transitional Living Center (ECTLC) has changed the lives of hundreds of distraught and lost homeless men, women, and children. 

Our structured programs are successful, and we provide individualized case management, compassionate care and require strict adherence to rules. After completing our programs, broken individuals and families are whole again. 

Many of the larger churches in the county, the Southern Baptist Association and the City of El Cajon, all came together to develop one of the country's most successful transitional living centers. For those who are ready to take responsibility for their lives, East County Transitional Living Center is prepared to be their partner on the challenging but rewarding transformative path to a new life full of hope and purpose. 

Our founder and CEO, Harold Brown, is the driving force behind ECTLC's success. He developed the unique business model and the ECTLC programs. With a heart for helping those in need, Harold inspires men, women, and children as they work to change their lives from hopeless to hopeful. Harold and his staff are responsible for the "sense of community" found at ECTLC. 

Program members help each other, a source of encouragement, understanding, and inspiration.

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ECTLC is a community—not just a shelter.

As you learn more about ECTLC and the two new buildings, privately funded, we hope that you will consider joining us in our mission to build hope for the homeless. 

The two dormitories will house over 100 homeless men and women, allowing us to open up 40 more rooms for homeless families with children. The number of homeless children at ECTLC will increase from 180 to 250. 

With your support, the story will continue.