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A crafty donation from the Girl Scouts

Saturday, members of Girl Scout Troop 3142, Katya, Jillian , and Maya along with their Mother’s, Judea, Anita and France dropped into ECTLC to bring gifts to the children in our programs.

This effort was part of their Junior troop’s bronze project. The Scouts troop reached out to different facilities and donated 50 kits to each of three chosen sites. They learned how to budget, as well as plan, prepare, and assemble the kits.

Although they had been budgeted for 50 kits when the scouts learned that there were nearly 200 children at ECTLC they got together and donated their own funds and made an additional 60 art kits and over 210 candy bags for the children.

These were welcome treats for the kids at ECTLC!!


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