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CEO Letter July 2020

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

This has proven to be a unique year.  We are now more than halfway through 2020 and for most of us it has been a learning experience unlike anything in our lifetime.  The challenges have been many, and at times overwhelming, but at the same time we, as believers, know that the path is not always meant to be easy, and that we will experience trials but our faith allows us to trust that all things will work to strengthen us, and reinforce our commitment to the Lord.

ECTLC has experienced a loss of many of our work therapy resources due to the COVID closures.  These are businesses that we have served for many years and never anticipated that they would not be in operation.  We are deeply sorry for the challenges they are dealing with, but the effect they had on ECTLC has certainly proven to be a blessing and a hardship at the same time.  We are now seeking and finding new resources that will allow us to continue our work therapy programs.  Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas for our services.

ECTLC has also experienced a huge increase in our In-kind donations both in general and food.  We are very grateful for all our donors!!!  Due to the economy and many related issues our monetary donations have decreased and we are asking for your help on this.  We are still taking in those that are in need of our services, those numbers are increasing daily, and we continue to have the same needs for assisting them.  We would appreciate your help in providing for those less fortunate.

Amazing things are still going on at ECTLC!!!  Please take a moment to read over the newsletter and check out our stories.  We have celebrated the graduation of our middle school, high school, and GED students with a small ceremony and a speech by David Miyashiro, Superintendent of the Cajon Valley School District. Our Men’s home is undergoing projects to upgrade the facility. The Downtown Rotary Breakfast Club has renovated one of our single rooms to house a family. We celebrated the 93rd birthday of a local retired veteran, and businessman, Robert McNabb. Our kids have been involved with a new basketball season, and fishing trips. And one of our disciples has been chosen as a Healthcare Hero by the Grossmont Healthcare District!!

We have so much to be grateful for.


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