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ECTLC-Skyline Youth Basketball Champions!

On Thursday, March 12, a pizza party celebration was held at Testo Pepesto in downtown El Cajon to celebrate the amazing victory of our Skyline Youth Basketball team and their coaches.  Head Coach Joe Salas, a graduate of the ECTLC program, has demonstrated the meaning of a life changing experience in finding a new life through his relationship with the Lord.

To someone meeting Joe for the first time it is easy to see where his life has been. The markings and scars on his body is like reading into the pages of his former life.  But don’t be intimidated by his exterior, the moment he opens his mouth you hear of a life that has been transformed. In his soft spoken, peaceful tone, he speaks of the team he coaches with so much pride and love.  He throws out Bible verses when he once threw out punches and bad language!! Even though Joe works a full time job he finds the time to spend coaching, mentoring, and teaching the children of ECTLC and the other team members a better way to live.

His assistant coaches Gabriel, Yolanda, and George have also dedicated their time and talent to teaching the children sportsmanship, pride, and integrity, along with a great deal of basketball playing tips.  All that has paid off for the teams.  

The three teams were all successful not only taking awards and placing in the finals but they played with enthusiasm, skill, and above all great sportsmanship.  They showed passion mixed with courtesy and a spirit of teamwork that makes us all proud.

We at ECTLC are extremely proud of Joe, Gabriel, Yolanda, and George, and of course, all of the team members.

Thank you Coaches Joe Salas, Yolanda, Gabriel, and George for your countless volunteer hours with the children and congratulations to the winning teams 2 years in a row!


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