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ECTLC Comedy Night Fundraiser 2019

The Comedy Event that you were invited to was a tremendous success!!  The comedians did a remarkable job, the food was great and the opportunity drawings were fantastic.  We hope that you enjoyed the night and we hope that you will attend the “Build” that will be coming around September. We will be attempting to put the buildings up in hours!!

Homelessness evokes many emotions, and knows few boundaries.  For many it can be as close as a lost job, a medical emergency or a family crisis.  To those that are facing the prospect of living on the street the word can mean fear, anger, sadness or anxiety.  If there are women and children included the meaning takes on an even stronger feeling of panic and alarm. A sense of loss and frustration mixes with the knowledge that bad choices and poor judgments could be to blame but self responsibility  is often not accepted. Help, real help, is difficult to find and harder to accept, but choices are available.

East County Transitional Living Center offers an option.  Not everyone is willing to accept the programs that are offered but to those that are, a new life, full of hope and opportunity may be obtained.  We believe that a new path includes a spiritual commitment, a change in work ethics, and a new sense of belonging to a community.

We appreciate your help and we look forward to expanding our services to more men, women, and children by adding two new dorm-style buildings that will house our single men and women, opening up 40 rooms which will house approximately 60 parents and nearly 100 children.  

We invite you to read our Monthly Newsletter which we send out electronically each month.  We also invite you to partner with us through monetary donations. ECTLC generates 80%of its income through work therapy opportunities but we need your help for the additional 20%.  100% of your donations are put to work providing services to our clients that will lead them to lives of independence, integrity, and employment.

For further information, please visit our website or give me a call and we will schedule a tour.  If you would like to be omitted from our email, please let me know at

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