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Spring Newsletter April 11, 2020

It is a season of change and promise.  Many lessons are being learned. The difference between fear and faith, between caution and carelessness, and between love and indifference.  

While some of our staff have found it necessary to be working from our homes, we applaud those that have been showing up day after day to manage the many activities at the center.  They have done an extraordinary job of assisting the over 400 men, women, and children that call ECTLC home everyday. We appreciate them very much.

As of this article we have no COVID 19 cases reported.  There have been many changes in the day to day activity at the center.  God’s timing on the fence is as always perfect and the same with the basketball nets.  It is amazing because we have been waiting for the fence for many months and the unbelievable problems that we experienced with the delivery of the nets is a story on it’s own. But they are here, and they are perfect!!!

The new gates allow for us to have better control over everyone coming on and off property.  At this time we are allowing only authorized folks to enter. Donations are still very welcome but we are accepting them at the CFOEC gate and they are loaded onto a truck and driven to a check- in spot. We have teams at the front gate that are able to assist everyone coming on property.  We also are taking everyone’s temperature before we allow entrance into our front office. Activities and meals are done with social distancing limits but everyone is being extremely cooperative. 

We are experiencing the same crisis as the many of you.  Our work therapy programs have been stalled, our folks with employment are not working, and our kids are at home all day.  We greatly appreciate everyone that has been able to give to our emergency fund. If you have not already, and you are in a position to donate, please do so.  We are always grateful,

and if you are currently not in the position to give, we are praying for you and we ask that you would pray for us also. We are confident that together we will get through this.


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