Senior Staff

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Harold Brown has been involved with the Discipleship Ministries since 2002, and became CEO of the East County Transitional Living Center in 2009. He was previously with the San Diego Rescue Mission, both as a graduate and later as a member of their staff. There he met and married his wife Jacky, who works in management with Goodwill Industries. Harold has 3 sons and a daughter, and is active in the community of El Cajon and beyond. He is also the senior pastor at Christian Fellowship of El Cajon, which is adjacent to ECTLC.


Harold Brown


James has more than 20 years of experience in pastoral and leadership ministry. Previously the Director of the San Diego Dream Center, an affiliate of the Dream Center in Los Angeles. Over 23 years of finance, real estate, networking, and non-profit development. Focus in family restoration, discipleship, outreach and recovery.

Director of Family Services

James Merino


Jonathon Heuberger is responsible for all curriculum, policies and protocols that affect the Men’s and Women’s Discipleship Ministries. Jonathon graduated the Discipleship Ministry in 2005. He is married to his wife Erinn and they are raising 4 children

Director of Discipleship Ministries

Jonathon Heuberger


Ivan Andujar's responsibilities include all ECTLC properties, buildings, insurance, lease agreements, transportation, operations staff, and myriad other concerns. He graduated the Discipleship Ministry in 2004, and is a former municipal employee from Monrovia, CA. where he served as a Recreation Coordinator for 14 years.

Director of Operations

Ivan Andujar


Robert Webb oversees the kitchen staff, prepares the menus, interacts with food banks and agencies, and still finds time to cook. The kitchens he directs for ECTLC, in 4 locations, serve more than 300,000 meals a year. He graduated the Discipleship Ministry in 2000, met and married his wife Jacky, and took a position with the Hyatt Companies (which he left to come back here and serve in our kitchens). Robert was ordained in 2002, and is a teaching Pastor at Christian Fellowship of El Cajon.

Director of Food Services

Robert Webb


Helen Zamora assists Community Relations in procurement, speaking engagements, and resource events. 

Director of Community Development and Human Resources

Helen Zamora