Stories of Hope

A compilation of videos.

2022 Gala Testimonies

Our latest video of the testimonies of Discipleship Program members relating the events which led them to us, and the experiences and healing which has led them to become ready to contribute to the strength of our community.

Celebrating 10 years of Transforming Lives.

Members of our Discipleship Programs share experiences of growth and healing on their road to becoming productive members of our community.

Faith Martinez Testimony

Out of the ruin of an abusive relationship, Faith found herself wheelchair bound with three children. She found her greatest disability was her unforgiveness, and now that God has blessed her she looks forward to a life with her family.

Desiree Mitchell Testimony

Out of the downward spiral to living in a tent with her children, Desiree shares her experience of coming to know the grace, love and mercy of Jesus, and the limitless possibilities that follow.

Casey Family Interview

The ECTLC Kitchen Ministry, feeding people and souls.

A short video about the kitchen of the East County Transitional Living Center, which not only feeds the more than 300 residents of the 5 programs at ECTLC, but provides a spiritual education founded in Biblical principals.

Darnelle DeMello

A horrible situation left Darnelle broken and bitter. When her daughter, a graduate of ECTLC's women's discipleship training program, suggested she take advantage of the opportunity to grow closer to God and learn His will for her life, major changes in her heart, mind and life made her appreciative of the life Christ had for her.

Steve Preston

Steve Preston tells of the circumstances leading to his entering the East County Transitional Living Center's men's discipleship program, and how God has changed his life through it.

2017 GED Graduations: Adriana M

2017 GED graduation. Adriana says,  “In the past 5 months I have been reunited with my children, recovered my driver’s license, social security card , and green card,  earned my High School Equivalency Certificate, obtained gainful employment, even gotten my first promotion, and for the first time in my life I now know that what the Bible says is true, I am who it says I am, I can do what it says I can do, and I can have what is says I can have: A new life in Christ!

Jerome's Generous Blessing

Many of the families we serve have lived in their cars, or worse. So when they get a roof over a bed they are very grateful. Jerry Navarra heard of the need for new mattresses, and he brought 60 of them, new and vitally needed, for the families in our program...

Greg Brown of the East County Posse addresses the 2016 GED Graduates

Each year a partnership between the Foothills Adult School, the East County Posse and the East County Transitional Living Center helps people who have not completed High School to do so. Greg Brown, the Chairman of the Board of the East County Posse, addresses the latest graduates.