Women's Program


also, see men's discipleship program


ECTLC's overcomer program is a one-year residential program designed to support women who are overcoming life-controlling issues such as; drug and alcohol addictions, depression, human trafficking, and abuse. This program is structured to eliminate distractions so that participants can focus on building a healthy foundation to rebuild their lives through the principles taught in the bible. Food, housing, education, and counseling, are all provided free of charge. The women will spend the first 90 days of the program at an undisclosed location (safe-house).

The requirement to enter this ministry is a sincere desire to be free from their old life and be willing to learn how to live an abundant life through the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Details of the program:


These effective ministries are one-year, Christ-centered and designed to guide women to new hope and life in Christ, free from the despair, addictions and other debilitating issues that have overwhelmed them.

The program is comprised of four phases, the first 90 days are spent at a separate undisclosed location. In a safe and uplifting environment. During this time the women will be free from previous temptations and dangers from their old influences laying the groundwork for the next three phases. The next three phases take place at the main campus where their work therapy will begin. The structure will be implemented into the work schedule teaching the women to balance work and spiritual life. At the beginning of the last phase, the disciple will begin to look for permanent employment, begin to save for transitioning out, acquire permanent housing.


Upon completion of the one-year program, members receive a graduation certificate, are fully employed and ready to transition back into society as responsible members of our communities.

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Phone Number: (619) 442-0457